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Mass Email Services
  • It's Easy

    Our Email marketing system is easy to use, it provides user friendly GUI along with online help for your assistance. You can directly create, send and evaluate the performance of email marketing campaign, without any expert support.

  • It's Reliable

    This is a win win scenario for your business. As all tools like campaign creation, campaign scheduling, report management is provided on the same integrated system so it’s very cost effective, profit making and budget-friendly tool.

  • It's 24*7

    Our system is web based so you can access it 24*7 as per your time zone. We provide support through Chat and Ticket based help desk system, you can rich during EST ( Eastern US Time) using chat or Skype.

Mass Email Services on demand

Mass Email ServicesReporting tab provides all the stats and reports related to performance of campaigns. That helps you to track your campaign in better way. Open rate of email campaign, click through rate, bounce rate, contact list statics etc are the main reports available.

While keeping an eye on your campaign through our extensive live experimented and our proven tracking tools You can always evaluate and judge the area of any improvement in your efforts of your campaign.

Mass mailing turns out to be one of the best mediums to reach out to your target audience and market your mechandise most effectively by communicating in the right way. Best results can be fetched out of this kind of marketing only when used professionally and wisely. The goal should be clear: reach the inbox, catch the eye of the reader and eventually generate sales. We at mass email services keep our eyes on the target, measure our opportunities wisely and hit it professionally. So you never have anything to worry as far as the result is concerned as we are bound to make you get the best returns out of your investments.

Our Email Services

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  • "What I limass e-mail serviceke about Mass Email Services is that they are always available, personal, patient and have by far the best staff and tech support I've ever worked with".

    Patricia Hall
  • email"We deliver our email marketing to high security corporations. The ideas and tips on the Mass Email Services have really helped us”.

    Jennifer Nelson


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